Veteran actress Lily Li exits TVB

9 Feb – Following the footsteps of fellow veteran actor Lau Kong, actress Lily Li recently revealed that she has also exited from TVB.

As reported on Mingpao, the veteran actress whose drama, "The Dripping Sauce" is currently on air, shared that her contract with the company ended in January and that she has decided not to renew it.

Although Lily declined to elaborate more on her decision, she did point out that she is getting older and doesn't want to continue working anymore. The actress also added that she has no issues with the company.

Joining showbiz at the tender age of 16, Lily signed her first contract with TVB in 1988 after ten years with ATV. Her first TVB series was the 1989 wuxia comedy, "The Final Combat", starring Stephen Chow and Richard Ng.

Aside from "The Dripping Sauce", Lily will also be seen in "Forensic Heroes IV", which will be aired on 17 February.

Lily's departure makes it the fourth, following Lau Kong, Pierre Ngo, and Kristal Tin.

(Photo Source: China Press)