Veteran actress Chin Ping passed away

12 Sep - Veteran actress Chin Ping has recently passed away.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress known for her movies under Shaw Brothers (including "The Magnificent Trio" and "The Price of Love"), died on 6 September, as confirmed by her colleague, Helen Ma.

"She was ill and passed away on Wednesday. We would meet up once a year in the past, but less so in recent years," she said.

However, Helen declined to elaborate more on Chin's illness.

On the other hand, actress Cheng Peipei shared that she misses Chin Ping very much, but never had the opportunity to meet with her until it was too late.

Born in 1942, Chin signed with Shaw Brothers in 1963, and made a number of movies for nearly ten years before ending her career in 1972, when she migrated to the United States.

She chose to keep out of the public's eye since then. Her last public appearance was a few years ago when she attended Chang Cheh's 40th anniversary in the film industry.

She was 68.

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