From vegan staycations to seaweed slip-ons: this week’s fashion trends

<span>Photograph: Collection/Rex/Shutterstock</span>
Photograph: Collection/Rex/Shutterstock

Going up

Plant-based staycations The UK’s first fully vegan hotel, Saorsa 1875, has opened in Scotland, with “open-fire cooking and wilderness”. Swoon.

Byproduct-beauty Make your own exfoliator by adding leftover coffee grounds to some coconut or olive oil. An espresso-fix for your skin.

BBC Earth The Beeb’s collaboration with Mother of Pearl launched on Net-a-Porter this month, with a traceable supply chain “from incarnation to final stitch”.

Barnet bootcamp We’re training our hair to need less washing. Good for the planet and, apparently, for our locks, too. We’ll keep you posted.

Going down

Getting your sea legs Switch to sea feet, with Vada’s insoles made from algae biomass. Seaweed slip-ons? Chicer than you’d think.

Dinner parties Not unless there’s clothes-swapping with the pudding course. Getting a new top by resurfacing the one your mate hasn’t worn since the 00s? Ideal.

Air con The chicest way to keep cool this summer is with a Fern Fan, the new brand that comes with a secret language. What does the way you hold your fan say about you?

Fishnets Not that kind. Fishing nets, as well as fabric scraps, are being repurposed as swimwear by brands such as Reformation.