Vault of Gems… First NFT of Its Kind

Vault of Gems is the first NFT project to be pegged to a hard asset. The exclusive VOG collection is a set of five gems (gold, emerald, ruby, sapphire, and diamond) with rarity determined by using real-life calculations to peg the number of virtual gems to the existing number and rarity of each real-life gem. By doing a calculation that includes variables such as the quantity, rarity, and scarcity of each gem in the real world, the VOG series of digital art managed to mirror the number of virtual gems to physical gems in correlation to the size of the project.

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The collection of 12,345 gems are all created from scratch and hand-drawn by the head artist, and further developed by the talented team of artists and graphic designers. The team of over 20 members from VOG are all experts in their respective fields; With a power-house of 4 professional artists, 4 developers, 5 marketers, and 7 around-the-clock staff members that take care of everything behind the scenes, this project is a diamond in the rough.

When creating the project, team members shared that they aimed to present a project that makes people desire to simply be a part of a larger movement. With each gem holding different rarities, the value is determined by both the real-life value of the gem in addition to the variety of added traits to each NFT in order to make every piece unique.

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The team explained that this project goes deeper than just the art itself. VOG is developing a proprietary NFT exchange that will bridge the gap between the Metaverse and the Universe. How you may ask? Well, they are currently in talks with jewelers from around the globe, striking partnerships with them to list their physical gems on the exchange while receiving payments in the form of swapping for a VOG NFT.

A total of 12,345 NFT’s will launch on September 21st at 2 P.M. PST (5 P.M. EST) and each VOG NFT will cost 0.0808 ETH. This project is a concept completely new to the space, and is the breath of fresh air all NFT enthusiasts have waited for!