Valentine's Day bouquet ideas in Singapore that are off the wall

·Senior Lifestyle Reporter

Valentine’s Day is a busy time for florists in Singapore as bouquets of flowers continue to be a popular gift idea among couples here. Last year, two florists reportedly failed to deliver 350 orders for Valentine’s Day, causing an uproar online. One of the accused florists had received a total of 2,000 orders.

A month ahead of 14 February, many florists have begun advertising their bouquet promotions and Valentine’s Day deals on their sites, with some offering unusual bouquet ideas such as churros or fried chicken bouquets. Then there are florists who steer clear of the cliché bouquets, opting for flowers in glass tubes or boxes instead.

While some may appear as more of a joke than actual gifts, we think they’re pretty practical for Singapore couples.

Here’s a list of some of the unique and off-the-wall bouquet ideas by florists in the country.

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