Uyaina Arshad welcomes second child

20 May - Uyaina Arshad recently announced that she has given birth to her second child.

Sharing the good news on Instagram, the actress expressed, "We are a family of four now. Praise be to God. Please pray for our small family."

In another post, which she shared a day earlier, Uyaina wrote a message to her newborn baby, that read, "I am resting after fighting for my life for you, my beloved. May your brother Raja Urhan will be a good brother and role model for you."

"I want nothing else but well wishes for our family until the end of time," she added.

Speaking to the media about the birth, Uyaina said that she opted for surgery due to her heart problem.

"I gave birth two weeks earlier than the due date. Yes, it was nerve-racking due to the many risks that comes from surgery. But I am grateful that everything went well," she said.

Uyaina tied the knot with husband Raja Syahiran in December 2021.

The couple are also parents to son Raja Urhan
The couple are also parents to son Raja Urhan

(Photo Source: Uyaina IG)