Uyaina Arshad denies she is pregnant again




16 Mar – Uyaina Arshad has dismissed rumours that she is now pregnant with her second child.

As reported on Harian Metro, the actress stated that she would often get such a question from people especially when there are other celebrities who are pregnant.

"To that, I'd say, I will share it with everybody if there is indeed such good news. Just like I did with my first pregnancy," she added.

It is noted that Neelofa recently admitted that she is pregnant with her second child.

Uyaina also stated that she is currently busy with lots of projects, and that having another baby at this time would be difficult for her.

"My first child is still only six months old and my schedule is quite packed even if I haven't accepted any acting offers. I do have to pick and choose my roles based on how long it would take and whether it will take a lot of my energy, since I am now a mother and a wife," she said.

Uyaina added that she would like to work on a project that would challenge her as an actress to make it worthwhile instead of just taking any project that comes her way.



Uyaina's first child is now six months old
Uyaina's first child is now six months old


(Photo Source: Uyaina Arshad IG)