Uqasha Senrose clarifies photos with Ustaz Azhar Idrus

27 Nov - Uqasha Senrose finds herself having to clarify recent photos of her with Islamic preacher, Ustaz Azhar Idrus.

The actress, who attended a special kuliyyah at the Grand Barakah Hotel in Ampang where Ustaz Azhar (known by the moniker UAI) was invited as the speaker, was originally excited to share photos of her with the preacher, writing on Instagram, "I have always been a fan of his, and though I was not feeling well, I took a painkiller and had a drip just to attend his talk."

However, the post only sparked heated debate in the comments section, especially since the angle of the photo made it looked like the actress had breached the proper distance between her and Ustaz Azhar.

One commenter stated, "When taking pictures with an ulama, you shouldn't stand too close. Make sure there is a gap between the two of you. Respect them and avoid unnecessary slander."

Another posted, "UAI is trying to avoid you. You were too close."

In response to the comments, Uqasha explained that the crowd was pushing left and right, which was why they ended up in that position. Her husband, actor Kamal Adli also defended Uqasha, saying that it was just a camera angle and that he would be the first to say something if he thinks that it was inappropriate.

Uqasha later posted another photo, this time with the two of them standing next to each other but with a clearer distance. She wrote, "This is from another angle. I don't want people to say that I was trying to get too close to him."

The actress posted another photo that shows the gap
The actress posted another photo that shows the gap

(Photo Source: Uqasha Senrose IG)