UPSAHL Eats Sushi in the Bath Sometimes, Because Why Not?

Annabel Iwegbue
·1-min read

From Cosmopolitan

If you aren't already a full-time UPSAHL stan, firstly: What's wrong with you? Secondly: no stress, because her Singing in the Shower ep will jumpstart your official conversion. If you've ever come across an episode of Cosmo's resident bathroom series, you already know how hard those shower acoustics go. Considering UPSAHL already came in ready with a solid acoustic setlist, the shower arena setup just elevated everything TBH.

She kicked the show off with a cover of M.I.A's "Bad Girls" that was so cool. To be fair that's already a really bad b*tch song on its own, but singing it with a guitar gave it a whole new energy. We're gonna need the official remix recording please and thank you.

UPSAHL also sang a few of her own tracks, including "STOP!" "People I Don't Like," and "Drugs" (AKA that one tune that I haven’t been able to get out of my head for approximately the past six months.) You need to watch the full video 'cause it's a virtual concert that warrants replays.

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