Upcoming Hip Hop Star, Director, Feenyx Is Capturing His Moment, Himself!

Hello everyone! Today I have the pleasure of reviewing rising rap artist Feenyx’s music for the second time. Let’s take a deep dive into the latest release from his Rise in Power Album - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

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A triumphant return:

The last song I covered from Feenyx was his cinematic rap hit Big Stuff. That song was all about his rise to success, the mindset that he has built over time, and cutting through all the bullshit of the game. It was thematic and raw which landed well with me when I listened to it.

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is a completely different flavor to his track. As the name suggests, this song brings a more playful vibe to the table. The beat itself is groovy, his delivery is full of confidence and swagger, and there is a lot to break down in the production.

On top of that, Feenyx exceeds expectations once again and partners his music up with another captivating music video. Continuously pushing the bar is the key to success, and now we will find out if he has hit the mark.

WTF is a club banger:

As mentioned above, the composition of this beat is focused on bringing a bouncing groove. It opens with a fantastic panning flute melody that waves and flows throughout the whole song. The beat is then built around that flute, with rhythmic hats and interesting percussion choices like Ker-ching sounds and clanks to represent money.

The 808 kick drum in this track slaps hard. It’s a clever contrast as you have the panned higher-pitched elements playing in the verses and then a slamming bass pushing through the center of the mix.

The retro synth lead that is introduced in the hook reminds me of those used in classic club hits by Usher or Chris Brown. It brings a lot of presence and you instantly know that this is the main section of the song.

Production-wise I have to say I am once again impressed. Feenyx is nailing the hip-hop commercial sound in this song. The groove of the track makes you want to dance but the actual sound design is quirky and different. I can imagine this track getting some sick remixes as it has a lot of potential to blend into other genres.

The Feenyx Flow is real:

I already knew that Feenyx was an accomplished rap performer from the last song that I reviewed. His performance in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot however is a level up in my opinion. His flow is full of energy and attitude, and the melody changes that he uses always work and mix into the beat itself.

Even though the lyricism on this song is purposely more light-hearted, you can tell he gave his all on the mic. When it comes to creating an effective club track, it’s not about sounding witty on every line. It’s more about being playful, creating melodies that stick in the listener’s head and making a vibe that gets your head bobbing.

Feenyx manages to accomplish all of those things, and you can tell he is having fun with the song, which makes all the difference.

Another visual homerun:

A standout feature of Feenyx’s previous release was how he created the perfect visuals to match the music. I am pleased to say that he has delivered the goods once again in WTF.

From the opening scene of this video, you know you are in store for a high-energy, colorful visual experience. Feenyx is kitted out in a neo-glowing outfit, wearing a mask that makes him look like a member of the Jabbawockeez crew.

The use of a black background further amplifies the color contrasts and establishes an air of mystery to the visuals. It helps paint the picture that you could actually be in a bouncing nightclub with neon lights blasting and Feenyx performing on the main stage.

The glitch effects, crisp transitions, and outfit changes merge all the individual scenes into one complete video. It doesn’t feel like one guy using a camera to shoot a quick clip, this is a visual production that is high quality and easy to enjoy.

The main takeaway from this review is that I think Feenyx is here to stay and has much more to accomplish in the hip-hop music scene. Each song has its flavor, which is the telltale sign of an artist taking his grind seriously.

But more than that, the quality is there to hit the mainstream, as is the passion to keep improving and deliver something new. I highly recommend you check him out!