Universal denies ruining venue of Jacky Cheung's concert

5 Jul - Jacky Cheung's camp has recently clarified allegations that they have caused serious damage to Shanxi Sports Centre following his concert tour that was held at the venue last month.

As reported on Mingpao, previously, the mainland media published photos of the venue's ruined field and the trash littered around the area, and pointed fingers at the Hong Kong singer, who held his show at the location on 25 May.

It prompted Shanxi Sports Centre to release a statement, saying that they will ban any artiste who caused any destruction to their facilities in the future.

In response, Universal Music released a different photo that showed the field being restored to its original state, and stressed that they followed strictly the terms given by relevant venues throughout the tour.

The company stated that the team tasked with the restoration has already cleared all the posters and removed all garbage, restored the turf and other related items.

Stressing that a minute's show is always ten-years in the making, the company stated that they would always plan ahead, not just with the structuring and the making of a show, but also the clean-up - in order to ensure a successful concert. Thus, Universal hopes that each venue can continue to cooperate with them for the benefit of the audiences.

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