UNIQLO launches Final Fantasy collab for UT T-shirts

Screenshots of multiple characters from the Final Fantasy games for the UNIQLO Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary collection. (Image: UNIQLO, Square Enix)
UNIQLO is releasing Final Fantasy themed shirts for Final Fantasy's 35th year anniversary. (Image: UNIQLO, Square Enix)

To commemorate Final Fantasy's 35th Anniversary, fashion brand UNIQLO has partnered up with Square Enix, the creators of the Final Fantasy series, to release a UT shirt for each iteration.

This means 16 unique t-shirts, including one for the soon-to-release Final Fantasy XVI.

The UNIQLO T-Shirts (UT) line from UNIQLO has had multiple collaborations with well known games, pop-culture and anime - League of Legends, Pokémon, Dragon Ball, Street Fighter, Animal Crossing and Star Wars to name a few.

If you are not familiar with the Final Fantasy series (and wondering how on earth could there be 16 parts to this franchise with 'Final' in the name), each Final Fantasy is a standalone story, with each number representing its own universe.

Apart from familiar creatures (like the Chocobo) or spell names, there is almost zero relation between the numbers, with the exception of the Final Fantasy name. Some games, like Final Fantasy VII, X and XIII have all spawned spinoff games.

This means that each of these designs from UNIQLO will not have the same characters and character art plastered all over them.

A black shirt with Final Fantasy VII screenshots from the UNIQLO Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary Collection. (Image: Uniqlo)
The design for the Final Fantasy VII version of the T-shirt. (Image: UNIQLO)

That said, each of the sixteen designs have a unique take to them as well, with classics like Final Fantasy I and II having the title screen logo to represent the beginnings of the series.

Some series like have more elaborate designs, especially the cool moments and characters that can define the numerical series.

However, there are some designs that I personally find a little disappointing, like the Final Fantasy VII design.

With a recently released remake (or retelling, however you see it) that was popular enough to be split into three chapters, just having a few screenshots of the game plastered on the shirt may seem like a disappointment to some fans, given that FFVII is one of the most popular Final Fantasy games.

Final Fantasy collection cards from the UNIQLO Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary Collection on a white background. (Image: UNIQLO)
There will be free Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary cards if you buy two or more T-shirts from the collection. (Image: UNIQLO)

The Final Fantasy UT line will be on sale at all UNIQLO outlets and their online store from 11 July 2022. but take note, it's only in Adults sizing, and retails at S$19.90 per piece.

Additionally, customers purchasing two or more T-shirts from the collection will receive some free Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary Playing cards.

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