The ultimate Malaysian meal, nasi lemak & durian unite

We’ve heard about air kosong cheese, but have you heard of Nasi Lemak Durian? That’s right, at In Between x Briyani Mak, situated in Kuala Lumpur, you can savour the unique offering of nasi lemak durian, alongside an array of other delectable dishes. This hidden eatery is located under a bridge with beautiful open-aired seating.

Nasi Lemak Durian - Nasi Lemak Durian

This newly-opened restaurant serves Nasi Lemak Durian. This one-of-a-kind fusion dish has been a hot topic among Malaysians. Nasi lemak, a cherished dish, features aromatic coconut milk-infused rice, accompanied by items like spicy sambal, crunchy fried anchovies, roasted peanuts, eggs, and cucumber slices.

Durian is famed for its sweet, custard-like essence and creamy consistency. However, the idea of blending this distinct flavour with nasi lemak may raise some eyebrows. Yet, at In Between x Briyani Mak, they ventured to explore the amalgamation of these unique tastes.

Nasi Lemak Durian - Nasi Lemak

You have the option to purchase your durian from a nearby stall and relish it at In Between x Briyani Mak while enjoying your Nasi Lemak Biasa (RM6.90). If you lean towards a more traditional nasi lemak, the Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah (RM15.90) is also available. Please keep in mind that this eatery specialises in serving nasi lemak starting from 6pm onwards.

Patrons also have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of nasi briyani offerings. For those unfamiliar with nasi briyani, it involves the preparation of long-grain basmati rice infused with a combination of spices, herbs, and proteins such as chicken or mutton. Renowned for its unique flavour, nasi briyani holds a special place in the hearts of local food enthusiasts.

Nasi Lemak Durian - Nasi Briyani

You can savour nasi briyani with a choice of Ayam Masak Merah (RM17.90), featuring chicken in a spicy tomato-based sauce, or Ayam Masala (RM17.90), a flavourful and slightly spicy chicken dish. 

There are also options like Mutton (RM23.90) and Udang Kari (Prawn Curry) (RM25.90). For those seeking variety, the Nasi Briyani Padu (RM57.90) offers a delightful 4-in-1 combination.

Nasi Lemak Durian - Drinks

If you’re in need of a refreshing beverage, you can treat yourself to their selection of mocktails, expertly crafted coffee and tea, or traditional Malaysian drinks.

Are you up for trying the unique nasi lemak durian?

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