Uggli Muffins to shut if successor not found by 10 Oct

The saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” rings particularly true for Uggli Muffins, whose uniquely-shaped bakes defy the traditional muffin appearance. Despite their unconventional look, they’ve garnered a reputation as some of the finest muffins in Singapore.

Regrettably, I’ve recently learned that the establishment is set to cease operations by 10 Oct 2023.

ugli muffins stop operations - stall front

Uggli Muffins is located at Toa Payoh West Market & Food Centre as well as their latest outlet at Jalan Besar. As a frequent visitor to the former (where I satisfy my carrot cake cravings at Chey Sua Carrot Cake), I’ve often witnessed a lengthy, winding queue forming outside Uggli Muffins.

Being my lazy self, I’ve continuously postponed the idea of trying their muffins, a promise yet to be fulfilled. Alas, it appears that I have less than 2 months before the possibility of it disappears.

ugli muffins stop operations - notice
Credit – Anton Tan

You might wonder why I used the term “possibility.” It’s because Anton Tan, the 53-year-old owner, is still holding on to the hope of discovering a successor before the impending deadline.

A prominently-displayed notice on the wall outside the stall states: “Uggli Muffins will STOP operation after 10 Oct 2023 until a successor is found.

ugli muffins stop operations - owner

Anton says “I’m currently in search of 2 types of successors. The first would be a prominent figure with extensive experience in the F&B industry, capable of elevating the brand to new heights. Alternatively, we’re also open to individuals who are interested in managing the stall itself; in such a case, we would furnish them with our recipes, equipment, and operational procedures.”

ugli muffins stop operations - uggli muffins fb notice

I browsed through Uggli Muffins’ Facebook page and realised that Anton had already been searching as early as March this year.

Anton further shares with me that they have reached a stage that they either go big and open more outlets, or they close everything and go home.

ugli muffins stop operations - muffins upclose

To all devoted fans of their ugly-looking muffins, do head down to either one of the outlets and support them before the D date.

We at Sethlui sincerely hope that Anton finds someone to take over his business as soon as possible.

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