Ubai Mz just realised wife Shila Amzah's level of fame

20 Feb - Social media influencer Ubai couldn't help but expressed awe with wife Shila Amzah, after realising for himself the level of popularity the singer has outside of Malaysia.

The TikTok creator recently shared a clip from Shila's performance at The Londoner, Macau, writing, "Today I found out that my wife is a big superstar. It's my first time accompanying my wife as she performs overseas. There were lots of bodyguards and the venue was a full house."

Ubai accompanied his wife to her performance in Macau
Ubai accompanied his wife to her performance in Macau

He also revealed that the concert was held at the said Macau venue to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and that Shila will continue to perform in China in March.

Fans couldn't help but laugh at how mesmerised Ubai was of his wife, with one commenting, "You said you've been her fan since your school years? You only found out your wife is a superstar now?""

To that, the content creator wrote, "It was my first time seeing her perform here. I was stunned for a moment."

(Photo Source: Shila Amzah IG)