Tyson Yoshi denies criticising Jay Chou's past concert



17 Mar – Hong Kong rapper Tyson Yoshi recently denied that he was taking a jab at Jay Chou in his previous statement about cancelling his July concert at the APAC.

The musician was accused of doing so after he made a statement last week, saying that he didn't want to waste his fans' money with a part two of his concert since he had only released two to three songs this year.

Using the example of Jay Chou's "The Invincible 2" concert in 2018, which came two years after the first concert, he said that he watched the first concert and went to Part 2 only to realise that it was nothing different compared to the 2016 show.

When asked about the backlash he received from some of Jay's fans about his comment recently, Tyson stated that he wasn't accusing the Taiwanese superstar of anything.

"I was only saying that I didn't want to do a concert just for the sake of doing it. Someone left a message online asking me to do part 2, and so I shared my feelings of watching Jay Chou's part 2 concert," he said.

On the other hand, the rapper revealed that he will be releasing a new album at the end of the year, but will not consider holding a solo concert in Hong Kong until there are more new songs that he can perform for the fans.


Tyson doesn't want to hold a concert just for the sake of it
Tyson doesn't want to hold a concert just for the sake of it


(Photo Source: Tyson Yoshi IG)