TVB gets Bowie Lam for a new drama after 13 years

23 May - TVB is continuing its recent success of casting its former stars in new dramas by inviting Bowie Lam to star in the new drama, "Criminal Investigation 12".

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actor recently posted a screenshot from his past drama, "Unbearable Heights" and wrote, "I started a new job and couldn't sleep because I was so excited. I turned on the TV and came across this series. Be happy."

Speaking to the media, Bowie said that he has spent three to four hours reading the script and working with the producers on how to make the script better.

To celebrate this homecoming, TVB has also hired talented actors to collaborate with him, including Monica Chan, Kelly Fu, and Yoyo Chen.

It is noted that TVB has had a great viewership rating after airing "The Queen of News", which marked Charmaine Sheh's return to the station after many years.

The broadcaster also recently announced that it is bringing back another former star Maggie Cheung Ho Yee to star in the upcoming "medical version" of "The Queen of News".

TVB received great viewership ratings through 'The Queen of News'
TVB received great viewership ratings through 'The Queen of News'

(Photo Source: China Times, Charmaine Sheh IG)