“A True Disappointment:” People Are Sharing Underwhelming Travel Destinations To Skip, And The Gems You Should Consider Instead

It's a great big world out there — and there are so many places to see. But it can be difficult to decipher between disappointing tourist traps and destinations that are actually so worth the hype. To help with this, I scoured advice from travelers on Reddit and within the BuzzFeed Community. Here are 33 overrated places that — according to them — are not worth your precious time. (Plus 26 others that actually are!)

1.Underrated: Albania

A beach with very blue water

2.Overrated: Downtown Dubai

A cityscape of Dubai from an infinity pool

3.Underrated: Lima, Peru

Lima, Peru coastline

4.Overrated: Bourbon Street, New Orleans

Crowded Bourbon Street in New Orleans for Mardi Gras

5.Underrated: New Mexico

A rocky desert landscape

6.Overrated: Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles

A sign for Hollywood Boulevard

7.Underrated: Pienza, Italy

A couple sitting on the stairs enjoying the view

8.Underrated: Tunisia

A whitewashed village with blue doors

9.Overrated: Pisa, Italy

A hand pretending to hold the Leaning Tower of Pisa

10.Underrated: Dakar, Senegal

Boats on the beach

11.Overrated: The Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik

People in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

12.Underrated: Sicily

A coastal town in Sicily

13.Underrated: Ibiza, Spain

A quiet beach in Ibiza

"Ibiza has a bad reputation as a party city, but it's so much more than that if you know where to look. It boasts beautiful nature, amazing historical sites, and lovely quiet small towns all over. Just avoid the capital at night."

Getty Images

14.Overrated: Phuket, Thailand

An aerial shot of a beach

15.Overrated: Clearwater Beach, Florida

People on the beach

16.Overrated: The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Sightseers flock to view great pyramids at Giza

17.Overrated: Atlantic City

Atlantic City boardwalk and Ferris wheel

18.Underrated: Poland

Old Town Gdansk, Poland

19.Overrated: Cancún, Mexico

Aerial view of Cancun Coastline at sunrise

20.Overrated: Manila, Philippines

A high angle view of people at a busy market in a city

21.Overrated: Kuta, Bali

A street with lots of restaurant and shop signs

22.Underrated: San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian, Spain

23.Overrated: Times Square, New York

A crowded intersection in Times Square, NYC

24.Overrated: Niagara Falls (New York Side)

American Niagara Falls with the Niagara falls city in background.

"You're better off going to the Canadian side." —u/jgoldblum88

Getty Images

25.Overrated: Nashville, Tennessee

Neon signs of Broadway in Nashville

26.Underrated: Hilo, Hawaii

A waterfall surrounded by lush forest

27.Underrated: Portland, Maine

Boats in a harbor

28.Overrated: Las Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas sign

29.Underrated: Tallinn, Estonia

Snowfall in a European town

30.Overrated: Athens, Greece

A view of Athens and the Acropolis

31.Overrated: Geneva, Switzerland

An old town surrounded by mountains

32.Underrated: Republic of Georgia

A town built into the mountains with a river running next to it

33.Overrated: Machu Picchu, Peru

Tourists climbing Machu Picchu

34.Underrated: Taipei, Taiwan

Sunset over Taipei, Taiwan

35.Overrated: Bondi Beach, Sydney

A busy Bondi beach in Sydney, Australia

36.Overrated: Marrakesh

The main market square in Marrakesh

37.Overrated: Walt Disney World, Orlando

Characters at Disney World

38.Underrated: Oman

A boat on a bay

39.Overrated: Stonehenge

Crowds arriving to visit Stonehenge

40.Underrated: Osaka

Tatoyaki cooking in a street food stall

41.Underrated: Romania

Medieval castles surrounded by greenery

42.Overrated: Cinque Terre, Italy

Tiered colorful houses

43.Underrated: Girona, Spain

A coastal Spanish town

44.Overrated: The Waikiki Strip, Honolulu

Crowded Waikiki Beach in Oahu

45.Overrated: Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Monks walking near Angkor Wat

46.Underrated: Giethoorn, Netherlands

Boats in a canal

47.Overrated: The Great Wall of China, Beijing

A crowd on the Great Wall of China

48.Overrated: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

People on a wide beach

49.Underrated: Alentejo, Portugal

A beach town surrounded by hills

50.Underrated: Mainland Greece

The sun setting over a beautiful, steep landscape

51.Overrated: Monaco

Yachts in a harbor with a hilly city in the background

52.Overrated: Goa, India

A beach with boats and people in Goa, India

53.Underrated: Adelaide, Australia

Steps leading to a beach

54.Overrated: Venice, Italy

Gondolas in a Venetian canal

55.Overrated: Caminito, Buenos Aires

Colorful buildings of Caminito in Buenos Aires

56.Underrated: Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida

A fortress surrounded by blue water

57.Underrated: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A golden bridge leading to a city

58.Overrated: Montego Bay, Jamaica

A hillside town with colorful houses

59.Underrated: Asheville, North Carolina

A cityscape at sunset

Have you visited a place — a site, attraction, town, or city — that you found seriously overrated, or underrated? Tell us in the comments below!

Note: Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.