Trolling BTS fans, lying about YouTube channel was part of 'social experiment': DJ Dee Kosh

Power 98 DJ admitted to lying about BTS fans being responsible for the disappearance of his YouTube channel. (PHOTO: YouTube screengrab)

Power 98 DJ and YouTuber Dee Kosh has admitted that a video he posted on Friday (19 October), in which he despaired over having been bullied by fans of Korean boyband BTS, was all part of a “social experiment”.

In a YouTube video uploaded on Saturday, the Singaporean also admitted that he had deceived the public into thinking that BTS fans – or ARMYs as some call themselves – had something to do with the disappearance of his YouTube page.

“The truth is I did wrongfully blame the BTS fandom for deleting my channel, when I did it,” he said in the 17-minute video, during which he explained his stunt.

Experiencing ‘mob mentality’

Dee Kosh said he had been looking to test the reactions of BTS fans to his Tweet on Thursday, in which he said: “Unpopular Opinion : BTS’s songs all sound the same. I need something fresh! Come on now….”

After being bombarded by criticism for his opinion, he then decided to post a video of himself pretending to cry over the personal attacks he received. He later hid his YouTube channel from public view and posted a tweet implicating BTS fans in the act.

Claiming that YouTube is part of his “livelihood”, he said in Saturday’s video that his stunt had given him the chance to “see and experience… mob mentality”.

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