Tribal Trap Acquire The Trap Music Movement

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Trap artist record label Tribal Music Group have just acquired their 6th brand.

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Tribal Music Group, established in 2019, have been hard at work throughout the pandemic. While the whole music industry slowed to a standstill in 2020, this trap music record label collective was growing, expanding, and finding new ways for their artists to get paid. During the period 2019-2020, they grew a whopping 59.10%, a fantastic achievement, given the circumstances.

2020 saw gigs stop, festivals called off, and venues closed down. For every type of artist in the music, theatre, and performance industry, life savings were decimated. There was no work except for that which you could find yourself. During this awful period in music history, Tribal Trap was still up and running.

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Here’s how their innovative platform allows artists to earn for themselves, instead of dominating in the same ways as the traditional music studios might.

How Does Tribal Music Group Work?

Tribal Trap started life as a channel on YouTube, run by 23-year-old Stan Wittenberg. After accumulating a substantial 300.000 followers on a mixing channel called ‘Th4WhiteKnife’, started in 2013, Stan noticed significant interest from artists to not only feature their tracks in his mixes, but also release them officially. Stan started Tribal Trap in 2014 as a promotional channel, and introduced an official record label under the same name in 2016. In 2019, Tribal Trap became Tribal Trap Music Group with its first acquisition… but how does it work?

From the outset, Tribal Trap was set up to promote up and coming artists and producers. Tribal Trap would upload songs from artists and showcase them to their fanbase of 800.000+ Youtube subscribers for free, while taking no ownership in the original recordings. In return for the promotion to their audience, they would ask only for the right to monetise their Youtube uploads, effectively making money from ads while having the artist retain the rights. With interest in these promotional uploads growing steadily and spots on the channel being limited, Stan decided to start an official record label. Over time, he added more and more new artists, resulting in Tribal Trap as we know it today, a record label with a huge roster of influential trap music artists.

This was a record label with a difference. Tribal Music Group don’t seek to control their artists forevermore. Their contracts are not the standard 360 contracts controlling each and every part of your career, but rather focus on signing 1 single, giving you complete freedom to leave their label at any point, for any reason. They give artists the platform for as long as you need it, and then send them off into the world of Trap music with everything they need to survive on their own… a following included.

Expanding their Record Label Collective

Tribal Music Group has started and acquired many brands sinds their start in 2019. First came the sublabel, an Asian and middle eastern inspired trap music style record label. Cruise Ctrl and F*ck Genres shortly followed. In 2019 they acquired Diverge Records, a Dutch tech/bass-house record label, first gaining significance in The Netherlands through their live-events. The latest acquisition is Trap Music Movement, a Youtube channel with close to 200.000 subscribers, boosting their total Youtube subscribers to well over 1.000.000, making Tribal Music Group one of the biggest record label collectives to ever have emerged from the Netherlands.

The best part? They do all of this with the artist as the focus. You can find Tribal Trap on Instagram to show some support.

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