TPY’s Oasis Taiwan Porridge will move to MacPherson in Jan 2024

Toa Payoh residents may be familiar with Oasis Taiwan Porridge, a restaurant located in Toa Payoh Town Park just opposite the interchange and next to the swimming pool. If you haven’t had a chance to dine there, it might be a good time to do so as the eatery will close on 14 Jan 2024 in preparation for their move to MacPherson.

Oasis Taiwan Porridge - Exterior night

This will be the restaurant’s second relocation in their over 38-year run as they used to be situated next to the Indoor Stadium and Old National Stadium. The new location will open on 1 Feb 2024 at Grantral Mall, a few minutes from Tai Seng MRT Station.

Oasis Taiwan Porridge - Sweet potato porridge

If you’re keen on paying a visit before they shift, the Sweet Potato Porridge (S$2) is a must-get, with the bonus of it being entirely free-flow.

Oasis Taiwan Porridge - Dish collage

Some dishes you may enjoy alongside the free-flow porridge are Oasis Tawan Porridge’s Pork Knuckle (S$22)Braised Pig’s Intestines with Salted Vegetables (S$10/S$13/S$18)Sambal Clams (S$12/S$16/S$22), as well as Steamed Minced Pork with Salted Egg (S$12).

They also offer zi char staples like Sweet and Sour Pork (SS$12/S$16/S$20), Sambal Sotong (S$13/S$18), and Shrimp Paste Mid-wings (S$9/S$13/S$18).

Oasis Taiwan Porridge - Exterior

News of the restaurant’s relocation comes on the heels of Toa Payoh Sport Centre’s closure in Oct 2023, both having to make way for the Toa Payoh Integrated Development project that is expected to be completed in 2030. This new 12-hectare project will feature a state-of-the-art Regional Sport Centre, a Polyclinic, a Library, and a Regional Town Park.

It’s a shame they will be losing the scenic backdrop of Toa Payoh Town Park, so take this opportunity while you can to dine in their unique ambience.

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