New in town: Yakiniku Ikki – First in Penang to serve wagyu sashimi

Fans of wagyu beef will tell you that there is nothing quite like it— meat so perfectly marbled, so tender, it melts in your mouth. Well, I have good news for you wagyu connoisseurs: Yakiniku Ikki in Penang takes wagyu to the next level with their wagyu sashimi.

Yakiniku Ikki - storefront

Just the exterior of the restaurant alone will transport you to Japan. From the outside, you will see that this eatery is decorated with lanterns. Getting to your table will feel like walking down the streets of Japan— the walls are plastered with colourful Japanese posters and traditional masks. 

This restaurant specialises in yakiniku, meaning grilled meat. You can opt for sets like their Yakiniku Platter, or order à la carte. They pride themselves in serving A5 Wagyu Misuji, a rare cut from under the shoulder blades.

Yakiniku Ikki - A5 wagyu tataki mizuna ponzu sauce

Yakiniku Ikki gets creative when it comes to their wagyu. A5 Wagyu Tataki Mizuna Ponzu Sauce is one of their chef-recommended starter dishes. It is described as thinly sliced marinated beef that is lightly seared and served with ponzu sauce.

If you’re dining alone, their yakiniku set lunches are the perfect choice. Along with kampung chicken, pork, or A5 wagyu beef cuts that you get to grill yourself, you also get plenty of side dishes like a large serving of rice, miso soup, salad, and chawanmushi.

Yakiniku Ikki- set lunch menu

For those who want a quick but filling bite, they even have regular set lunches. Their Pork Kimchi Rice Set (RM24), A5 Wagyu Hamburg Steak Set (RM55), and Beef Curry Rice Set (RM35) all come with the same sides as their yakiniku sets.

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