New in town: Wonders — Mahjong-themed ice cream place serving croffles, pandan mochi waffles & coffee

Good news for dessert aficionados living in Ang Mo Kio. Presenting Wonders, an ice cream cafe with a mahjong-centric theme, which opened for business on 15 Dec 2022.

wonders - cafe front
Credit – Wonders

If you look closely at the shop’s name, you’ll notice an additional stroke above the letter “W” to replicate the number “13”. It actually represents 13 Wonders(十三幺) which is a type of winning hand for mahjong.

wonders - cafe interior
Credit – Wonders

Besides integrating mahjong-inspired elements into their shop’s interior design, right down to their choice of plants used, they also serve 13 different ice cream flavours. The outdoor dining area of Wonders is also pet-friendly, which means you can bring along your furry friends for ice cream night!

wonders - cafe ice cream
Credit – Wonders

Some of their ice cream flavours include Pistachio 门青, Osmanthus Oolong 花湖, Dark Chocolate Sorbet 大四西, Strawberry Cheesecake 红中 and Black Sesame 芝麻胡. Prices start from S$4.20 for a single scoop to S$11.60 for a triple scoop, with Premium (+S$1) and Gourmet (+S$2) choices available.

wonders - waffles
Credit – Wonders

If you’re looking for something to share, you can choose between their selection of Croffles (S$4), Belgian Waffles (S$6) and Pandan Mochi Waffles (S$6) to go with your yummy scoops of cold deliciousness.

wonders - beverages
Credit – Wonders

How about drinks, you may ask? Well, you can sip on a cup of White Coffee (S$4.20) or Mocha (S$4.80) with quirky mahjong-themed latte art. Otherwise, simply chill with a cup of hot Tea (S$3.80) or indulge in an Affogato (S$5.80).

With so much to offer, head down to Wonders at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 today for some sweet treats.

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