New in town: Tingkap Cafe – Bringing back kampung food into a modern city

Technology isn’t advanced enough to give us time machines (yet), but Tingkap Cafe has come close. Transport yourself back to the good old times when your biggest worry was your punctured bicycle tyre— how else were you going over to your friend’s house to play sepak takraw

Tingkap Cafe - Storefront

Tingkap Cafe, located in PJ Old Town, serves a variety of traditional Malay food that is hard to come by in modern cities.  

Tingkap Cafe - Food spread including satay, lodeh, and many more

Within their walls filled with rattan furniture and vintage decor items, you can find classics like chicken satay (RM1.50 per stick), beef satay (RM1.70 per stick), lodeh (RM9.50), and roti jala with chicken curry (RM5.50). Tingkap is able to perfectly capture the essence of traditional kampung food with dishes like steamed tapioca served with coconut and sambal tumis, and lempeng, also served with sambal tumis for RM5.50 and RM3.50 respectively. 

Not only that, this cafe also serves pre-packed food like nasi lemak and mee goreng. They even bring in freshly cooked nasi kerabu all the way from Kelantan every single day!

Tingkap Cafe - Assortment of kuih

Another big appealing aspect is their wide selection of traditional Malay desserts, better known as kuih. The eatery has 18 different types of kuih ranging from sweets like ketayap, seri muka, and koci, to savoury snacks like curry puffs and pulut panggang. The best part is that every pack of kuih is only RM3!

Have a more mat salleh tongue? Don’t worry, Tingkap serves your beloved modern coffee drinks like an iced latte (RM12). Add a splash of local flavour to it and you have yourself a pandan latte (RM13).

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and drop by Tingkap Cafe for a meal filled with warmth and nostalgia.

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