New In Town: Surrey Hills Grocer, Jurong – Authentic Australian Grocer & Shopping Experience

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It’s no secret that Singapore is teeming with charming shopping malls and grocery centres, but we’re far from done. New to the scene is Surrey Hills Grocer, an Australian gourmet grocer that brings Aussie gems to Singapore’s local market. Obscured in the quieter areas of Jurong, this shopaholic’s heaven is worth the trip. The interior is a cross between modern and rustic, combining clean, orderly lines with charming farm vibes using foliage. If you have lived or studied in Australia, it will certainly invoke a sense of nostalgia, while the warm, circling lighting at the entrance ushers you to explore deeper.

setting of cafe
Credit – Surrey Hills Grocer

In terms of products, expect to find your favourite Aussie products here. Think exclusive brands like Rich Glen Olive Oil, Koko Black (stay calm, chocolate lovers), and the famous Stonebarn Truffle. The grocery section offers an unmatched Australian farm shopping experience, with fresh produce and a winery that features the finest, Australian-sourced wines. Also, their produce is aligned with a farm-to-table concept brought to life by the local urban farm Straits Agriculture.

florist in cafe
Credit – Surrey Hills Grocer

Looking for exotic ingredients to spice up your recipe? You’ll love the Herbs & Spices section, bringing you 24 special blends, all drawn from original Australian recipes. For plant mums and dads, make sure you check out their florist bar called The Flower Factory for a potential new baby that will ginger up your living space. When you’re done with grocery errands, there’s a one-of-a-kind Australian-style Cafe to help you take the edge off the day.

Credit – Surrey Hills Grocer
Credit – Surrey Hills Grocer

Order anything from their menu, including Crayfish Benny (S$24), Mushroom (S$18), Steak Sandwich (S$27), and Tasmanian Salmon (S$26). Or, have a bite of their freshly baked pastries, to be savoured with any of their aromatic brews- Proud Mary Specialty Coffee (from S$4). Got your fluffy buddy with you? Don’t fret. The cafe is pet-friendly and spacious enough to seat 38 people.

Credit – Surrey Hills Grocer
Credit – Surrey Hills Grocer

So if you want an out-of-Singapore shopping experience, head on down to this gourmet Australian grocer!

Surrey Hills Grocer is also available online from February 2022.

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