New in town: Slurp Mee – 70+ choices at SG’s first DIY instant noodles cafe

There’s a beacon of hope for fans who are disheartened by Emart24’s sudden closure. Hear ye, this luminary comes in the form of Slurp Mee at Farrer Park.

Touted as Singapore’s first DIY instant noodles cafe, Slurp Mee is a self-service noodle joint that follows a concept similar  to Koramie in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Boasting over 70 noodle varieties from all over Asia, they also offer extra ingredients from S$0.80 and Korean pouch drinks to complete your fully customisable meal.

Slurp Mee - Ramen Wall
Slurp Mee - Ramen Wall

Upon stepping through the doors of the trending instant noodles cafe, you will be immediately greeted with their jaw-dropping “ramen wall”. Very Instagrammable!

Slurp Mee’s extensive selection of noodles originates from different parts of Asia, including Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, China and Singapore. From the fiery favourite Samyang Buldak to the comforting classic Indomie Mi Goreng, embark on a culinary journey across Asia…in packet form.

Keeping with the cafe’s innovative DIY approach, diners also have a wide range of topping choices to personalise their slurp-able noodles based on their preferences.

Indulge in staple ingredients such as Sliced Cheese (S$0.80), Cheese Meatball (S$0.80) and Fish Dumplings (S$0.80). Feeling fancy? Opt for premium options like Abalone (S$1.80), Smoked Duck (S$2.30) and Onsen Egg (S$2.80).

Slurp Mee - Deluxe Set
Slurp Mee - Deluxe Set

A la carte instant noodles start from S$3.50. Alternatively, you may also choose a Slurp Mee Set (Classic, Deluxe or Premium) that is priced from S$7.90.

Pricing for each set is determined by the stickers labelled on the noodle packets:

  • Classic (Yellow sticker): S$7.90

  • Deluxe (Blue sticker): S$8.90

  • Premium (Red sticker): S$9.90

Every set includes a noodle and 3 toppings of your choice, as well as a soft drink. For an additional S$0.50 though, you can quench your thirst with a Korean pouch drink instead.

Slurp Mee - Omija Ade & Vanilla Americano
Slurp Mee - Omija Ade & Vanilla Americano

I was dismayed to find out that there was no Green Grape Ade (U.P. S$3.20) available when I visited. Thankfully, the Omija Ade (U.P. S$3.20) was just as refreshing!

After purchasing their preferred instant noodles and ingredients, diners will receive a colourful tray with a paper bowl, disposable cutlery and an ice cup. And here’s when the highlight of Slurp Mee begins.

Cook up a storm at a high-tech cooking station that will do most of the work of you. For aspiring chefs, there are free condiments — soy sauce, chilli padi and fried shallots to add an extra kick to every slurp.

Slurp Mee - Deluxe Set (Cooked)
Slurp Mee - Deluxe Set (Cooked)

Slurp Mee has around 24 seats that would be hard to chope during peak hours. Their clean and minimalistic layout‘s inviting ambience provides a comfortable space to savour your customised bowl of noodles.

To satisfy your instant noodle addiction, are you ready to Slurp this Mee up?

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