New in town: Sin Xiang Kee — Braised pork mini hotpot, pig’s organ soup & ke kou mian from $4.30

Since Beauty World Food Centre‘s 2-week renovation ended on 31 Oct, Bukit Timah residents may have come across a new stall on the building’s 4th storey. As another fresh face at this old-school complex, Sin Xiang Kee has taken over Syiok Bakery‘s spot. We first caught wind of the stall via a post made on the Facebook group Hawkers United – Dabao 2020.

Sin Xiang Kee - Stallfront

The menu features an array of pork dishes like the classic Century Egg w/Lean Meat Porridge (S$4.70), Meat Ball Soup (S$4.30) and the stall’s specialty pork noodles Pork Ke Kou Mian Soup (S$5).

Sin Xiang Kee - Pig Organ Soup

I’m eyeing the stall’s signature Pig’s Organ as Soup (S$4.30/S$6.30) or Porridge (S$5.20) with a Braised Mini Hotpot of Pig’s Trotter (S$5.80) or Braised Meat (S$4.30) on the side for a touch of decadence. Each mini hotpot also lets you pick either Preserved Vegetables or Yam as company.

Additionally, Braised Intestines (S$4) and Braised Egg & Tau Pok (S$2) are offered as sides, though you’ll have to make do with noodles or porridge since Sin Xiang Kee doesn’t have broad rice sheets to complete the kway chap experience.

Xin Siang Kee - Syiok Bakery's new location

Fans of Syiok’s delicious assorted kueh and pastries don’t have to veer off too far as the bakery has remained on the same floor. You can find their best-selling Chocolate + Mochi Puff (S$2)Traditional or Portuguese Egg Tart (S$1.70), as well as Muffins of varying flavours like Chocolate v Chocolate Chip, Chocolate v Cranberry and Vanilla v Almond for S$1.70 at Oishii Bakery, situated right across the hawker centre on the same floor.

Since Ham Bao Bao closed its stall and moved to Jalan Besar as Lil’s Taproom & Kitchen Playground, I’ve found little reason to patronise Beauty World Centre. This might have just changed my mind.

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