New in town: Ramen Shiba — Tonkotsu ramen at West Coast Plaza raises the woof

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Ramen stalls are almost a fad in Singapore, but what sets Ramen Shiba apart from other ramen bars is its affiliation with the lovable Shiba Inu.

Ramen Shiba opened on 2 Sep 2022 at West Coast Plaza and has been making waves online as reviews praised its rich ramen broth as well as the cute caricature of a Shiba dog on every bowl!

Ramen Shiba entrance

Ramen Shiba has covered all your ramen needs with its stellar array of options. The Original Tonkotsu Ramen (S$11.90) serves as your OG ramen with thick pork bone broth. You can top up S$1 to add Seaweed or go all out with All Toppings for S$4. This includes seaweed, chashu, and flavoured egg. The top-up option is also available for all ramen types.

Ramen Shiba Ramen
Ramen Shiba Ramen

Diners looking for a more meaty bite can opt for the Shiba Signature Butabara Ramen (S$15.90). It is served with a healthy portion of stir-fried pork belly. Spice lovers can go for the Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen (S$12.90) to satisfy their heat cravings. You can also choose the level of saltiness and oiliness of the broth and the hardiness of the ramen.

Those who are looking for an extra bite with their ramen can choose from a multitude of side dishes such as Chicken Teriyaki (S$7.90), Takoyaki (S$4.90), Karaage (S$5.90), Pork Gyoza (S$5.90 for five pieces) and even Japanese Stir Fried Beansprout (S$4.90).

Also, to all Shiba owners, Ramen Shiba has an ongoing promotion that gets you a 10 per cent discount if you show them a picture of your Shiba. Hurry as this promotion ends on 30 Sep 2022!

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