New in town: Maan Maan Haang — Hidden nostalgic cafe in Austin Crest specialising in homemade cakes

After a busy week at work, we all deserve a break and a cosy spot with delicious food is the perfect escape. With the abundance of cafes in JB, there’s always something new to uncover. Recently, we stumbled upon a hidden gem nestled in Austin CrestMaan Maan Haang, and we couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Maan Maan Haang - Store front

Adding to its appeal, Maan Maan Haang is situated adjacent to 33 Noodle House but is devoid of any conspicuous signage. Occupying merely half of a shop lot, this dining spot might escape notice with a cursory glance. Its facade features a wooden door and quaint vintage decor, which combine to exude a very retro feel.

If you have a penchant for vintage places, you’ll be delighted to know that that’s just the start. A whole other world awaits you inside!

Maan Maan Haang - Interior

There is limited seating, partly because an array of nostalgic artefacts such as old cameras, typewriters, furniture, vinyl records and posters adorn every part of the space. The atmosphere invites you to unwind and reminisce, offering a temporary escape from the fast pace of modern life.

All items in the collection are curated by the owner and are thoughtfully selected to transport you to days gone by.

Maan Maan Haang - Cakes and drinks

Maan Maan Haang crafts homemade cakes that really look like they were inspired by bakeries of days gone by. However, the selection is limited as they’re still in their soft opening phase.

Still, you mustn’t miss out on trying their Earl Grey Yuzu and Japanese Matcha Red Bean cakes. Alongside these delights, the cafe also serves an array of beverages, including coffee, tea and cold drinks to keep you refreshed.

As they continue to evolve, more items will be introduced into the menu. Don’t miss the chance to swing by and support their soft launch at Austin Crest!

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