New in town: Kinn Derm — Authentic Thai restaurant with live music along West Coast Highway

Authentic Thai food can be found in abundance here in Singapore, and the newly opened Kinn Derm is no exception to that rule as it recently opened on 26 Feb 2023 located along West Coast Highway.

Kinn Derm - Exterior Shot
Credit – Kinn Derm

It’s situated just across Haw Par Villa, making Kinn Derm a good spot to fill your bellies after an afternoon of walking by mannequins getting tortured and tormented by literal demons.

Kinn Derm also boasts a live band every WedFri and Sat during the evening, so plan your dinners accordingly should you ever require entertainment during your meal.

Kinn Derm - Thai Food

As for meals, it has your signature Thai dishes such as Padthai Softshell Crab (S$16.80), Somtum Tray Set (S$28.80)Amma’s Mama Tom Yum Soup (S$28.80) and Thai Boat Noodles with 3 proteins options: Australia Ribeye Beef (S$13.80), Beef (S$9.80)Chicken (S$8.80) and Pork (S$8.80).

Note that the portions of the Thai Boat Noodles are way bigger than those single-bite ones that we are accustomed to. Those looking for a shareable pot of noodles can also go for the Hotpot Ayuthaya Boat Noodles with either Beef (S$38.80) or Pork (S$36.80).

Kinn Derm - Thai Food

You also have an array of shareable dishes like the Crispy Crab Omelette (S$18.80), Tempura Kang Kong (S$16.80)Fried Sea Bass with Thai Fish Sauce (S$39.80), Homemade Spicy Pork Knuckle Tom Zabb (S$18.80) and Stir Fry Yellow Curry Soft Shell Crab (S$22.80).

Those who can’t make up their mind on what dishes to choose from can opt for the Set Lunch with Dessert (S$16.80)Set Lunch Single (S$13.80)Creamy Crab Meat Omelette With Rice (S$18.80), and Set Couple Lunch (S$28.80).

And even when the live band becomes an earache, I’m sure the food will fare better!

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