New in town: Kakushin — Redefining omakase with unbridled creativity and the freshest ingredients of the season

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Omakase is known for its use of fresh ingredients that align with the current season in Japan, but what distinguishes one omakase restaurant from one another? Kakushin, which opened on 6 Sep 2022 at Scotts Square, means ‘innovation’ in Japanese and aims to raise the bar of the omakase scene in Singapore.

Kakushin Entrance
Credit – Kakushin

At the core of Kakushin is an omakase concept that utilises the very best of seasonal produce from Japan, all whilst combining imaginative storytelling and inspired exploration.

This vision is idealised by Chef Chan, who has decades of experience in acclaimed Japanese restaurants such as Tatsu Sushi and Akashi.

Kakushin Omakase set
Credit – Kakushin

 The Kakushin omakase experience is broken down into two courses: Lunch Omakase (S$228++), which comprises seven courses, and Dinner Omakase (S$328++), which is made up of eight courses.

Chope Reservations
Chope Reservations

Currently, both omakase menus revolve around autumn. For starters, diners will be treated to Awabi (which is abalone) with liver sauce, and Salad made with mozuku seaweed from Okinawa, junsai and nagaimo.  There is also Uni Toast, which is topped with nukazuke moro-kyuri and an oba chimichurri.

Following it is yet another treat for the palate with rich Snow Crab with Uni Chawanmushi. Next comes the nigh impossible task of choosing between two of Kakushin’s signature dishes: the Chargrilled A5 Kagoshima Wagyu with Truffle Balsamic Sauce or Kagoshima Pork Belly with Buta Kakuni Sauce. A platter of carefully made Nigiri Sushi is what follows. 

Kakushin Sushi
Credit – Kakushin

Finally, at the end of the meal is the signature Omakase Soup that has been boiled for hours with the finest ingredients of the season. Autumn fruits and house-made Japanese ice cream are also served as the sweet end to this gastronomical journey. 

Diners who are not opting for the omakase menu can go for its a la carte offerings. It features main courses such as Braised Kagoshima Pork Belly (S$65++) and Sous Vide Kagoshima Beef Short Rib (S$120++). Alternatively, their lunch-only a la carte menu also offers classic Japanese main courses like Cold Soba (S$48++) and Ten Don, an assortment of tempura seafood and vegetables on rice at S$35++.

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