New in town: Go! K-Jjajang – Serving Korean Chinese fare at Amoy Street

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Tanjong Pagar is well-known by most Singaporeans to be a “Korean town” as there are plenty of Korean restaurants and supermarkets available at every corner— you’d probably hear Singlish instead of Korean though. Go! K-Jjajang joins in the plethora of Korean dining options by offering Korean Chinese cuisine. They launched on 1 June 2022 and are located at Amoy Street.

go k-jjajang - chef cooking
Credit – Go! K-Jjajang

The kitchen at Go! K-Jjajang is helmed by Chef Choi Chil Sung, who has 25 years of Chinese cooking experience. His list of places includes Lotte Hotel’s “Shanghai” restaurant division, Glory Condominium Chinese Restaurant and Chaimai Chinese Restaurant— simply impressive!

go! k-jjajang - jjajangmyeon
Credit – Go! K-Jjajang

At Go! K-Jjajang, you can expect to find your usual Korean favourites like Go K Tangsuyuk (S$28), Go K Jjajang (S$14) and Haemul Jjampong (S$18).

go! k-jjajang - chefs posing
Credit – Go! K-Jjajang

If you decide on trying something unique for a change, they have a selection of other dishes that have a strong Chinese influence, which include the following.

Dongfayuk (S$45)— steamed pork belly with oyster sauce.

Gochoo Japchae & Kkotppang (S$35)— Stir-fried meat and vegetables, and Chinese flower bun.

Mapa Dubu (S$25)Mapa tofu with minced beef.

Guangdong Tangsuyuk (S$28)— Chilli sweet and sour pork.

go! k-jjajang - restaurant interior
Credit – Go! K-Jjajang

Go! K-Jjajang is currently offering lunch sets where you can have one main dish together with two meals.

go! k-jjajang - dishes on table
Credit – Go! K-Jjajang

They have 3 categories for their main dishTangsuyuk Set (S$50)– sweet and sour pork, Jeongha Saeu Set (S$58)– choice of fried shrimp with chilli sauce or cream sauce, and Chicken Set (S$56)– choice of deep-fried chicken in hot pepper sauce or soy sauce.

Their meals are as follows— Go K Jjajang, Spicy Go K Jjajang, Sogogi Manuel Bokkeumbap – fried rice with beef and garlic, Go K Bokkeumbap – fried rice with pork and black bean sauce, Haemul Jjamppong – spicy noodle soup with seafood (+S$2) and Chadol Jjamppong – spicy noodle soup with beef brisket (+S$2).

Be sure to pay them a visit when you’re at Amoy Street— finally another spot for me to eat jjajangmyeon!

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