New in town: iCON STEAK — 80 choices, from $7.50

A new coffee shop means potential new favourites, right? Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 saw the new coffee shop Meet & Eat @ 608 opening on 11 Nov. Along with it were many new stalls like iCON STEAK, which specialises in Western food.

They boast a total of 70 different main dishes and 10 sides.

iCON STEAK - stall
credit – iCON STEAK – stall

It’s manned by two brothers, Sam and David, who have worked at restaurants since they were as young as 14. They even share 12 years of experience as chefs, working not only at Western-themed places but also with Chinese food. 

Out of a dream to create their own shared brand, they opened iCON STEAK together. Wanting to keep things affordable, they opted to start at a kopitiam. Who said steak has to be bougie anyway?

iCON STEAK - steaks
Credit – iCON STEAK

Of course, steak being in the name, they have several choices for potential customers. Sam and David recommend their Prime New Zealand Sirloin steak (S$14.50) and Australian Angus Flank Steak (S$15.90). The longer a steak is aged, the more tender it is and the latter is aged for 150 days.

If you’d rather keep things below S$10 and still want steak, they also offer the Australian Wagyu Beef Patty (S$8.90)

iCON STEAK - beef stew
Credit – iCON STEAK

If you do not want steak, maybe get their Truffle Ham and Mushroom Baked Rice (S$7.50). Or perhaps you’d like to try their English Beef Stew (S$9.90), filled with the titular beef, carrot and potatoes, which comes with rice or garlic bread. From what I’ve been told, it’s been on the stove for 4 hours at least.

If you’re heading down to see the new coffee shop, why not grab a bite at iCON STEAK while you’re there? I’m sure the brothers would deeply appreciate it!

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