New in town: Hock Kee Kopitiam – Famous coffee shop from JB lands in KL, serves nasi lemak banjir

Calling all kopitiam connoisseurs! The famous Hock Kee Kopitiam from Johor Bahru has just landed in Kuala Lumpur. This renowned Nanyang and Malaysian fusion kopitiam has opened its first Klang Valley outlet in Bangsar South, bringing with it a rich tapestry of flavours and culinary heritage that’s set to captivate the taste buds of Malaysians and visitors alike.

Hock Kee Kopitiam - Store front

As you step into the charming Bangsar South outlet, you’ll be instantly transported to the bygone era of kopitiams. The nostalgic ambience, complete with vintage decor and the soothing clinks of porcelain cups, makes it the perfect setting to enjoy time-honoured Malaysian dishes.

Hock Kee Kopitiam - Nasi Lemak Banjir

One standout item on their menu is the legendary Nasi Lemak Banjir (RM26.90). This culinary masterpiece is a symphony of flavours and textures. Fragrant coconut rice forms the base, adorned with a succulent sambal, crispy anchovies, crunchy peanuts, and a perfectly boiled egg. 

However, what truly sets this dish apart is the delightful combination of sambal sotong (squid sambal) and the succulent, aromatic chicken rendang. To add the finishing touch, a blend of curry gravy is generously poured over. It’s no surprise that this nasi lemak dish has become a cherished favourite among the devoted patrons of Hock Kee Kopitiam.

Hock Kee Kopitiam - Seafood Laksa

Another exceptional dish that graces the menu of this unassuming kopitiam is the Seafood Laksa (RM21.90). This dish is made with coconut milk, seafood like prawns and squid, and flavoured with aromatic herbs and spices. The balance of creaminess with a hint of heat and a touch of tanginess from lime or tamarind makes it a flavourful and satisfying culinary experience.

Hock Kee Kopitiam - Drinks

To complete your kopitiam experience, don’t forget to order a cup of their traditional Nanyang coffee (RM3.80) or tea (RM3.80). Brewed with precision and skill, it’s the perfect complement to your meal and a testament to the kopitiam culture that has been cherished for generations.

Hock Kee Kopitiam’s arrival in the Klang Valley is more than just a new dining option — it’s an opportunity to savour the genuine flavours of Malaysia in an atmosphere that pays homage to its rich culinary history. So, gather your friends and family and head to Bangsar South to relish the authentic taste of Hock Kee Kopitiam.

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