New in town: Gyu San – Ex restaurant chef and female butcher heads the first wagyu sando shop & butchery

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What’s better than top-quality meat? When it’s sandwiched between umami-rich bread. Sandos are part of a unique category called Yoshoku, or western-inspired Japanese food. Yeah, I have my mouth watering already. Bringing this to the table is Gyu San, a new wagyu-centric Japanese butchery and sando shop at Tanjong Pagar.

gyu san - close up of meat

If you’re craving a steak dinner, why not go for some succulent Gyu Katsu Sandos where the perfect meat cut is all ready for you? ($32 for house cut, $48 for striploin, $62 for chateaubriand).

What’s got me going is the option to choose from an extremely wide range of over 55 premium Japanese wagyu cuts all from various prefectures of Japan. You can also have some fluffy eggs with the Tamagoyaki Katsu Sando (S$18) which has an omelette patty.

For seafood lovers, dig into a succulent deep-fried shrimp with the Ebi Katso Sando (S$28). They’ve been brought directly from farm to table and served over the counter for us to pick and relish. Finish it off with something light and fruity like the Fresh Fruits Sando (S$12) with its custard whipped cream and seasonal fruits.

Chope Reservations
Chope Reservations
 Gyu San - close up of meat
Credit – Gyu San

Eat restaurant-style food in the comforting version of fat-fried katsu sandos and chips on the side. Gyu San proves to be the first-of-its-kind in serving beef the way they do, letting customers take the wheel in creating their katsu sandos. You can also just purchase the meat to cook it the way you like back home!

 Gyu San - the sando shop

It has an inviting aesthetic of a floor-to-ceiling glass structure, and you can choose to either sit indoors or outside in an alfresco dining area. This unique experience is headed by Chef Linh, one of the few female butchers in Singapore and ex-Akira Back restaurant chef. This brand new sando shop and butchery opened its doors on 15 Aug 2022, so check it out and catch what the hype is about.

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