New in town: Fu Xiao Xian — Pressure-steamed fish with unique Yunnan-style cooking method

Fu Xiao Xian, recently opened on 27 Nov 2022 at Bugis Junction, is a new restaurant with unique Yunnan-style cooking methods and flavours. Their speciality is their pressure-steamed fish, which will bring you to Yunnan in 6 minutes.

Fu Xiao Xian - Exterior Shot

The fish is pressure-steamed for 6 minutes at a high pressure and temperature. A bamboo hat is used as a lid to cover the wok whilst the fish is cooking. These specially woven lids help to preserve the temperature and aroma of the dish. 

Fu Xiao Xian - Secret Recipe Soup

The soups are trans-fat-free, sugar-free and is void of any MSG, preservatives, additives or artificial flavours. It is also said that steam will bring out the natural goodness and nutrition of the fish, thus making a meal a slightly more guilt-free option.

Fu Xiao Xian - Fragrance Mala Recipe

The soup base options include Fragrance Mala Recipe (S$58++), Spicy Dry Steamed Fish (S$48++) which is also their spiciest option, Spicy Sour Bamboo Shoot (S$58++) and Secret Recipe Soup (S$68++). You can choose between Qingjiang Fish (S$68++) and Flower Grouper (S$78++) as the main proteins in your soup.

Fu Xiao Xian - Side Dishes

Liven up your soup with vegetable platters such as Assorted Mushroom (S$12.90++) and Assorted Vegetables (S$12.80++). If you’re a little picky about your sides, you can opt for the individual side dishes that include Deep Fried Crisp Pork (S$6.90++), Luncheon Meat (S$5.90++), Yunnan Rice Noodles (S$4.50++) and Crab Flavoured Stick (S$4.50++).

The must-have dishes at Fu Xiao Xian are apparently the Fried Tofu Skin (S$6.80), Sliced Fresh Beef (S$14.80) and Minced Hand Made Prawn (S$14.80++).

Now, there’s no longer a need to travel to China or Yunnan to try their pressure-steamed fish. Seems like it’s time to pay Fu Xiao Xian a visit at Bugis Junction!

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