New in town: Fav.grillbar – A charcoal-grill Korean BBQ near Tanjong Pagar with aged meats

Fav.grillbar has opened on 18 June 2022 near Tanjong Pagar. It is a new Korean barbecue joint that serves familiar KBBQ favourites, plus some traditional Korean items. They also operate as a bar, serving interesting alcohol concoctions.

Fav.grillbar – A picture of the interior

The restaurant exudes industrial vibes, with metallic pipes to suck out the fumes from the grill along with grey walls and black chairs and tables.

Fav.grillbar – Picture of Mak Guksu noodles and charcoal spicy chicken BBQ

Fav.grillbar’s Mak Guksu Noodle (S$18) is a traditional Korean buckwheat noodle that is normally served chilled. This is the perfect dish to battle the Singaporean heat, and slurping down the cold soup will help to cool oneself down. The soup is usually made with sugar, mustard, sesame oil or vinegar, thus it tastes tangy and refreshing.

The noodles are topped with shredded seaweed, thin slices of radish and cucumber, a dusting of sesame seeds and an egg. It is seasoned with gochujang to get that spice and the soup’s lava red colour.

One of Fav.grillbar’s notable dishes is the Charcoal Spicy Chicken BBQ (S$35), which consists of charcoal-grilled chicken and tteokbokki (rice cakes) tossed in a spicy sauce, along with a side of noodles. The noodles can be mixed into the spicy sauce and chicken, which results in a nicely coated noodle dish.

Fav.grillbar also offers alcohol, such as Earl Grey Highball (S$15) and Honey Makgulli (S$38).

While Tanjong Pagar is home to many KBBQ joints, Fav.grillbar has joined in on the fun with their relatively small but concise menu. As a fan of KBBQ, this may be my next eating destination!

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