New in town: Coffee byWassies Cafe — Swaggy NFT-themed specialty coffee spot

Going viral with the Twitter crypto community, byWassie NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have become practically synonymous with talk about Ethereum and Bitcoin. Now, NFTs are becoming all the rage even off the net and many companies and even restaurants are jumping aboard the crypto train.

byWassies has now opened up their very own pop-up hotel (yes, you read that right) and in-house specialty coffee store, Coffee byWassies Cafe at 5 Hong Kong Street.

Coffee byWassies Cafe - Store

So what is a Wassie, really? Is it a penguin, platypus, duck or frog? Yes. This confused fictional character takes on different forms in different memes and artwork.

Coffee byWassies Cafe - Example of Wassies

Formerly an experience store along Haji Lane selling merchandise and coffee for fans, Coffee byWassies Cafe has moved into their very own pop-up hotel — Hotel ByWassies. They will only be open for a period of 6 months from Apr 2023 to Sep 2023.

Coffee byWassies Cafe - Image of coffee & shot of store

The store caters to both the Wassie NFT collector and lover of all things cute. It is adorned with Wassie themed goods featuring the adorable character, including t-shirts, socks, stickers and even coffee cups.

Rather than being completely virtual like KIAP, Coffee byWassies is truly an experiential Wassie wonderland. Wassies NFT holders can claim a free coffee daily from Coffee byWassies, discounted drinks and 20% off bookings at Hotel ByWassies.

Coffee byWassies Cafe’s barista, Verm was recently crowned champion of the 2023 ORIGAMI Throwdown, and was also a finalist in Free Pour Latte Art Grand Prix Tokyo 2020.

Offering an excellent selection of drinks ranging from standard espresso-based coffee drinks to non-caffeinated drinks, there is sure to be something for everyone. Great options include their Flat White ($S6.50), filter coffee featuring their House Blend ($S5), and who can forget the prettiest Pink Lemonade (S$7).

If you’re in the hood and on the hunt for an interesting café with exceptional coffee, be sure to check out Coffee byWassies Cafe!

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