New in town: Chirashi Ape — Serving Truffle Rice topped with thick cuts of Salmon & Unagi

Hunting for good eats around the West Coast? I have just the recommendation for you. There’s a new kid on the block around the Ayer Rajah Community Club @ Pandan Gardens and their name is Chirashi Ape. Opened just this 3 Nov, they’ve already caught some attention around the area.

Chirashi Ape - Storefront

Chirashi Ape is one of the uncommon halal Japanese food eateries in Singapore. That doesn’t mean they dish up anything less in terms of quality. 

Chriashi - Salmon and Unagi

For example, say you order their Unagi Bowl (S$13.90) or Salmon Mentai Bowl (S$10.90). You’d get a generous serving of the toppings over white fluffy rice. They also come with a traditional side of pickled plums and a dash of wasabi. For an additional S$2, they will swap the white rice out for Truffle Rice instead. 

Their focus mainly on rice seems to be quite intentional as chirashi is commonly used in the name chirashizushi. It’s a dish which has sushi rice topped with ingredients like salmon or tuna. 

Chirashi Ape - Salmon

So it’s not much of a surprise that there are a few variations of sashimi as topping types on the menu. Of course, they have the straightforward Salmon Bowl (S$9.90). For a non-rice dish, you could opt for Salmon Cold Pasta (S$12.90) made from truffle angel hair, salmon slices and sweet miso. 

Chirashi Ape - various dishes

They don’t only offer fish-related items of course. You could get a Smoke Duck Bowl (S$8.90) that is topped with honey sauce, or a Beef Bowl (S$8.90). Both come with the addon of an Onsen Egg (S$1.50) and Truffle Rice (S$2). For something more saucy, try the Curry Chicken Katsu (S$8.90).

If you’re looking for a casual lunch or dinner, maybe swing by Chirashi Ape and give them your support.

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