New in town: Chanko Oden — Wallet-friendly oden at S$1.50 per skewer along Bugis Street

Have you ever wanted to munch on something light and wallet-friendly whilst walking around Bugis? You can now, with Chanko Oden which recently opened on 31 Dec 2022 along New Bugis Street serving Japanese oden.

Chanko Oden - Exterior Shot
Credit – Chanko Oden

Chanko Oden started when its owner craved for oden after having many trips to Japan. He then had a friend who owned an oden shop in Tokyo share with him the intricacies of making oden. This sparked his interest in bringing the unique dish to Singapore.

He started out by doing a lot of research and experimenting with different recipes and ingredients. He would invite friends and families over to try out the oden and their feedback was always positive.

Chanko Oden - Oden
Credit – Chanko Oden

With over 30 over oden options and a relatively unheard-of price range from S$1.50 to S$2 per skewer, he aims to make oden an accessible street food where customers can experience the unique taste of Japanese cuisine. The oden served at Chanko Oden are of the Shizuoka variation where its ingredients are skewered on a stick whilst being simmered in broth.

Chanko Oden - Oden 2

Some of the skewered goodies include Pork Ball (S$2), Chikuwa (S$2), Taiwan Sausage (S$2), Tofu Skin (S$1.50), Lobster Ball (S$2), Seafood Beancurd (S$2) and Konjac (S$1.50).

There are also other snack options like the Fish Roe Lucky Bag (S$2), Tomyum Fish Cake (S$2), Chicken Cheese Ball (S$2), Shiitake Mushroom (S$1.50) and Crab Nugget (S$1.50).

Despite being open for less than 3 months, many were drawn to the aroma of the simmering broth, with some even commenting that it reminded them of their travels to Japan. So what are you waiting for? Grab a skewer!

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