New in town: Brash Boys Coffee — Cosy cafe brewing perfect blends at Buona Vista

You must imagine my surprise when I chanced upon a new coffee house opened just by the corner of Buona VistaBrash Boys Coffee. Buona Vista has been a hub to locate many coffee chains like Starbucks and Costa Coffee, so an organic neighbourhood cafe brewing in the area requires a lot of guts.

With many cafes on the rise, it seems like friendships bonded over coffee have brewed into business partners. Two friends have created the newest kid on the block, fashioning a cosy space that officially opened its doors on 11 Nov 2022. It is located specifically at Biomedical Grove, which sits on the quieter side of the busy Buona Vista.

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Only covered by glass doors, the cafe follows an open counter concept, and greets you with a comforting smell of coffee beans and friendly baristas. The cafe has a simple, minimalistic theme with several tables lining the perimeters of the whole space. Its calming interior makes a perfect setting for short conversations with friends or a space to catch up on some work while you catch your next appointment.

The coffee shop serves up the usual coffee orders, from Mocha (S$5.50), Flat White (S$5) and Espresso (S$4). They charge an additional S$0.50 for your drinks to be iced, and S$0.80 for oat milk. Their coffee blend is a 2-beans blend between 50% Guatemala and 50% Columbia.

Their coffee beans are specially sourced from Tiong Hoe, one of the reputable pioneers in Singapore’s coffee industry. So you are ensured to get a good cup of coffee dosage here.

Should you feel a little more bougie, feel free to try out their signature drinks: the Brash Black (S$5.90) and Brash White (S$6.90), both containing cold brew concentrate ice cubes.

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Apart from standard coffee offerings, they have brought in handmade baked goods by Puff and Peaks Bakery, a neighbourhood bakery. Cafe staples include Lemon glazed pistachio tea cakes (S$5.80), Pecan Chip Cookies (S$4) and Dark Chocolate Babka rolls (S$4.20).

I always get peckish whenever I order a beverage and their whole pastry menu is definitely making me excited. Note that their bakes come in rotation so not all of them might be offered at the same time! Surprise yourself each time you come down to see what’s on display.

Collaborations between neighbourhood bakeries, coffee shops, online stores have created this supportive environment of #SupportLocal. Entrepreneurs who have started their own businesses have been proactive in making this movement work.

With the addition of Brash Boys Coffee, I guess it means there’ll be another place to enjoy another cup of coffee!

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