New in town: Bincho — Revamped yakitori restaurant and bar with samurai-themed cocktails

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Bincho is a revamped yakitori restaurant and bar that opened on 1 Sep 2022 at Moh Guan Terrace. It features yakitori and samurai-themed cocktails.

It’s actually been around for nine years, but it recently had a month-long facelift in order to better conceptualise its marriage of Japanese culture with both vintage and modern industrial elements.

Bincho Interior

It continues to be helmed by Chef Asai Masahi, who has spent the last nine years as its Executive Chef. Chef Asai stays true to the traditional methods of Japanese cooking and acknowledges all 24 different micro-seasons that are noted in the Japanese calendar to ensure an ever-changing array of seasonal dishes.

Bincho Yakitori

‘Bincho’, refers to the famed Japanese white charcoal Bincho-tan, and the eclectic bar offers a wide selection of yakitori that has been grilled to perfection over an open fire.

Some of the selection includes Tail (S$10++), Wings (S$14++), Chicken Skin Skewer with Uni flavoured Bottarga (S$12++) and Miyazaki Style Grilled Thigh (S$24++).

Bincho set meal

Diners who prefer something more seasonal can opt for the seasonal menu set, which is put together by Chef Asai. They can choose from three options, one of them being the Ninja Set (S$78++ to $98++), a lunch-only rice bowl set that includes a salad, 3-type appetiser platter, 3-type sashimi platter, a grilled vegetable platter, choice of rice bowl and dessert.

Bincho drink

Bincho’s a la carte items also do not disappoint, with noteworthy dishes such as Grilled Octopus with Shio Kombu Butter and Wasabi Mustard Greens (S$58++), Seasonal Japanese Vegetable Salad with Miso Dip (S$40++), and Grilled Hida Wagyu Beef on Magnolia Leaf (S$158++).

Staying true to its Japanese roots, cocktails in Bincho use Japanese flavours and liquors. It also takes inspiration from Japanese samurai films. An example would be the Red Beard cocktail which combines lychee gin, Campari and sweet vermouth. Other cocktails include 47 Ronin, Sword of The Beast and After The Rain. All cocktails are priced at S$26++ each.

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