New in town: Ben’s Kitchen — Serving authentic Chinese-Indonesian food like Babi Guling at Tanjong Katong

If you’re looking for an authentic Chinese-Indonesian food experience, look no further than Ben’s Kitchen, which opened back in Dec 2022 along Tanjong Katong Road.

Ben's Kitchen - Interior Shot
Credit – Ben’s Kitchen

The combination of Chinese and Indonesian cultures isn’t something new. It was more than 200 years ago that Indonesia became a destination for Chinese migrants. This led to the rise of hybrid cuisines, and what eventually emerged was the mixture of Chinese with local Indonesian style, which is also known as Masakan Tionghoa-Indonesia.

Ben’s Kitchen is owned by Chef Ben Chia, an ex-chef from Kota88 Restaurant. They were also the same folks who brought the first taste of Chinese Indonesian cuisine to Singapore. Chef Ben also has over 45 years of experience in cooking and has spent the last 10 years travelling to Jakarta to gain a deep understanding of Chinese-Indonesian cuisines.

Ben's Kitchen - Nasi Campur Babi Guling
Credit – Ben’s Kitchen

There are a few signature dishes to try at Ben’s Kitchen.

Firstly, the Nasi Campur Babi Guling (S$13.80) is a Chinese-Indonesian take on a combination pork rice platter. It has roasted pork alongside other ingredients such as pork rinds and fresh vegetables.

Ben's Kitchen - Babi Guling
Credit – Ben’s Kitchen

The Babi Guling (Roasted Suckling Pig) (S$38.80 for 1 portion) is a beloved part of Balinese culture and cuisine. Renowned for its bold and spicy flavours, it is perfect for sharing.

There’s also the Bakmie Spesial (S$8.80), which features curly wheat noodles cooked to al dente texture mixed with a bowl of fragrant Indonesian soy sauce. It is also finished with the same roasted pork.

You can also opt for other dishes such as Balinese Crispy Fried Duck with Special Chilli (S$18.80), Ayam Penyet Rice With Curry Sauce (S$7.80) and Babi Asam Manis (S$15.80).

Who knew Indonesian cuisine was more than mee bakso and nasi ayam penyet?

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