New in town: Bearly Good – Serving bento, don & egg rice in Sibu

Get excited, Japanese cuisine-loving Sibu folks. Bearly Good recently opened on 10 Mar 2023 at Jaya Li Hua Market! The name, as you might have already guessed, is a cheeky take on the phrase “very good”.

Started by brother-sister duo Nelson and Cathy Sii, this stall will serve bento, don, and egg rice to Sibu residents. This stall is the two’s first try at opening a business together.

Bearly Good - Chicken cutet with simmered egg on rice
Credit – Bearly Good Kitchen

During the Movement Control Order (MCO) period, Nelson’s friend suggested they start a bento takeaway business together. However, MCO ended and the two went their separate ways— back to their previous jobs and independent lives. Though, that wasn’t the end of the business, as Nelson’s passion for Bearly Good continued to grow. His soul craved, and so he was driven to feed it.

Before Bearly Good, Nelson was a Western cuisine chef at a Singaporean hotel, and he also worked at a cafe in Muar, Johor. When he returned to work for his family back in Sibu, he still couldn’t shake off the deep love he had for the food industry. Thus, he continued to work on pursuing his dreams to kickstart Bearly Good.

Bearly Good - Smoked duck bento
Credit – Bearly Good Kitchen

As far as bentos go, they’ve got you covered. You can get a Chicken Teriyaki Bento (RM10.20) or a Smoked Duck Bento (RM14.80), among many others. An Unagi Don will cost you RM14.80 while a Salmon Teriyaki Don is RM11.80.

They also have a modest selection of Egg Rice, like the Pork Cutlet Simmered with Egg on Rice and Fried Prawn with Egg on Rice (RM12.90 and RM11.20 respectively)

Beraly Good - Fried ebi
Credit – Bearly Good Kitchen

Other than that, Bearly Good serves side dishes to supplement your meal like Tamagoyaki, Edamame, and Fried Breaded Scallop (RM6.80 each).

Be sure to drop by, Sibu folks!

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