New in Town – Bagelhaus is PJ’s latest bagel shop with Korean style bagels & freshly made cream cheese

On 24 Apr 2023, Bagelhaus finally opened its doors in Megah Rise Mall. Following the increasing demand for fresh bagels, this eatery is set to serve residents of Petaling Jaya a variety of these Korean-style bread rolls with out-of-the-box cream cheese flavours.

Bagelhaus - Display of bagels

Despite being so new, they’ve already managed to gain the attention of fellow bagel enthusiasts and avid cafe hoppers with their all white and burnt orange interior design. 

Their bagels are cold-proofed overnight to slow down the fermentation process— this is done to ensure the flavours are fully developed. They currently offer 6 types of bagels in store, which include Original, Everything, Golden Garlic, Cranberry Cinnamon, Blueberry, and Black Olive & Cheddar. Prices for the bagels start from RM8 per piece, depending on the flavour.

Bagelhaus - Bagel dough being proofed

They make their own jams and fillings in-house. Combined with premium New Zealand cream cheese, Bagelhaus produces some of the most unique spread flavours in town. This bagel shop has 8 sweet and savoury cream cheese flavours for customers to choose from. 

Those with sweet tooths can opt for their Earlgrey Milk, Strawberry Delight, or Honey Yuzu & Coconut cream cheeses, while those looking for something more savoury can check out their Creamy Grilled Corn, Basil Pesto & Sundried Tomato, or Spicy Scallion & Beef Bacon flavours. Their delicious spreads range from RM10 to RM13 per flavour.

Bagelhaus - Cream cheese display

Bagelhaus was founded by the same people who brought us Seoulite, a Korean fusion restaurant located at The Hub. They’re known for their innovative take on the cuisine by combining Italian cooking methods with Korean flavours. Seoulite serves dishes like Sous-Vide Jjimdak Rice Bowl, Kimchi Carbonara with Tagliatelle, and Gochujang Rose Seafood Rigatoni.

If you plan on visiting Bagelhaus, be sure to get there early! Their bagels are limited as they’re made fresh everyday. 

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