New in town: Allpress Espresso Cafe — Exclusive pop-up with 1-for-1 opening promo from 9 to 14 May 2023

Looking out for some new coffee spots in the Duxton area? Well, Allpress has just launched their pop-up Allpress Espresso Cafe that will be here for 6 months starting 2 May 2023.

It would be a shame to miss, especially when there is a 1-for-1 opening promotion for all espresso-based coffees! The deal will only be happening from 9 to 14 May 2023.

Allpress @ 73 Duxton — Interior
Credit — Allpress Espresso Cafe

Allpress is not an unfamiliar name to many coffee connoisseurs, considering how their beans are used by a variety of cafes in Singapore, such as Plain Vanilla, Baker & Cook, etc.

Allpress Espresso had established a reputation as a specialty coffee roaster, thanks to their unique roasting method, “Hot Air Roasting”, which is said to ensure consistent roasting for all the coffee beans in the process, giving the beans’ flavour the spotlight.


Allpress @ 73 Duxton — Menu
Credit — Allpress Espresso Cafe

So, it is exciting news that Allpress has their own space in Singapore (albeit a temporary one) at 73 Duxton Road, which includes a specially curated menu.

For espresso-based drinks, 2 choices of coffee beans are provided during the pop-up. Allpress Espresso Blend is on the sweet side, having notes of milk chocolate and caramel. The other, Browns Mill Organic, possesses a more acidic nature, with hints of toffee and citrus.

Whilst picking essential drinks like the Latte (S$6+) or Long Black (S$5+), coffee lovers can definitely appreciate the authentic blends. There is even a pour over bar featuring a seasonal bean, Peru Estrella Divina. Containing notes of apricot, red apple and hazelnut, this single-origin bean will definitely cater to curious minds.

Allpress Espresso Cafe — Ice Cream
Credit – Allpress Espresso Cafe

To make the coffee experience complete, The Dark Gallery has curated a food and dessert menu for the pop-up, including bagels, pastries, cakes and ice cream.

Want to enjoy the coffee with a nice sweet treat? The Iced Latte Float (S$11) would make for an exciting cooler from Singapore’s hot weather. The Affogato Sundae (S$16) is a must-try, as you can customise the flavours of ice cream.

Alternatively, the Coffee Basque Cheesecake (S$8) or Vanilla Espresso Cake (S$9) seems to be a perfect sweet balance when paired with a robust coffee. Make sure to bring a friend to enjoy the 1-for-1 deal!

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