Torn between chicken and pizza? KFC’s Chizza now available in Singapore

(Photo: KFC Singapore Facebook page)
(Photo: KFC Singapore Facebook page)

Some days, you want crispy fried chicken; others, you just want a pizza. And then there are those days when you want both, but you know you can’t (or shouldn’t).

Fortunately, KFC has got you covered. Their much-talked about Chizza, first launched in the Philippines back in 2015, has finally landed in Singapore on Wednesday (8 Feb).

The “no crust, all chicken” menu item, which has already appeared in India, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and Korea, features a piece of chicken fillet with the traditional pizza toppings – chicken ham, pineapple chunks, mozzarella cheese and KFC’s cheese sauce.

It’s available on its own for $5.10, or as part of two different meal sets.

The Chizza meal comes with a regular Pepsi and medium fries for $7.50, while the really hungry may want to opt for the Chizza Box at $9.50, which comes with a piece of chicken, a regular whipped potato, Potato Winders and a regular Pepsi.

The Chizza is also available for delivery in certain areas.