Top Celebrities and Influencers Are Using New Platforms To Monetize Their Content!

Logan Paul, Travis Mills, Bryce Hall, Fousey, Tanner Fox, AJ Catanzaro and others are all making big money these days thanks to a new content monetization platform called Subify!

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For example, Logan's "Maverick Club" identifies itself as "We're serious when we say this is one of the most intimate team experiences in the world. From exclusive, uncut content, to real-life..." has seen millions of dollars in revenue through users since it launched, which gives Logan direct access to his fans, and them to him.

Behind these celebrity/influencer communities are Subify co-founders Zak Folkman and Chase Hero. The two created the Subify technology and platform to allow these celebrities to customize platforms for themselves and content with no ads, no content restrictions, no de-monetization and no shadow bans like on other platforms.

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We spoke exclusively one-on-one with Zak Folkman about how his Subify platform has gained traction and attracted countless celebrities who are taking their content away from Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Facebook, and building their own communities with Subify energizing it in the background.

1. Content monetization is massive right now with celebrities. What does your platform bring to the table for notable figures wanting to gain money?

We believe that the traditional model of content monetization is flawed. Currently fans are forced to interact with their favorite creators and celebrities through 3rd party apps which provide a very limited experience. Fans that want to pay for more access don't have the opportunity to do so. Furthermore, unlike traditional social media apps, we don't push users to just another aggregator of content creators. Instead our technology empowers creators to launch their own fully customized platform. We also don't have strict content guidelines like Youtube that dictate what creators can or can't post. Because we don't have strict content guidelines there is no risk that our creators will be demonetized for what they post. What they get is an ecosystem that is an extension of their brand for their fans and followers to engage in an uninterrupted, unfiltered, more meaningful way that they can't get anywhere else.

2. How has Subify helped people like Logan Paul, Travis Mills and Bryce Hall?

By giving creators like Logan Paul, Bryce Hall, and Travis Mills the ability to monetize their content directly to consumers they finally get paid fairly for what their content is worth. Plus they are no longer held back by limited reach and algorithms that dictate which of their fans will actually see their content. If you have 1 million followers on Instagram or 1 millions subscribers on Youtube it is very unlikely that all of them will even know that you posted new content, let alone watch it. This is because these platforms determine who to put your content in front of. At Subify we have 100% penetration meaning that all of your subscribers will be notified the minute you post new content so they know to come and check it out. Combined with the fact that we don't impose content guidelines we make sure that all their content is seen and monetized properly. Not only does this make our creators more money but it also creates a better experience for their fans who want this unfiltered and undiluted access to their favorite celebrities and creators. We also empower them to do contests, sell exclusive members only merch, and do private livestreams which all leads to deeper, more meaningful engagement with their core audience. This means more access for fans and more money for creators.

3. Say I am a big celebrity, what would the next steps be to monetizing my name and audience with your platform?

Reach out to our team and let us build your very own Subify platform!


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4. Where do you see the future trends of celebrity engagement and platforms heading? Done

One thing is for certain. Whatever is the hot social media app of today will not be the hot app of tomorrow. We have seen Facebook get replaced by Instagram, and Instagram be replaced by TikTok. One thing that remains consistent however and that is that the creators. This is why we believe that having all of your fans in your own branded ecosystem is the future for creators. Instead of trying to move fans from one platform to the next, creators should focus on having their own unique experience that their fans can trust will be the best place to connect with their favorite celebrity or creator.

5. Who - celebrity / brand wise - do you feel is "crushing it" on social media and with their fans these days? Done

There are lots of people that are crushing it right now. Obviously Logan Paul is a perfect example. Not only is he setting the bar extremely high in terms of content creation on his Maverick Club where he creates exclusive vlogs weekly that are approximately 20 mins long, he is doing exciting things in terms of bringing boxing to the forefront of people's attention. You can see how he has spawned an entire industry around celebrity boxing events that in our opinion is only going to continue to grow and get more attention.

6. What overall tips would you give celebrities who want to grow their fan bases online? Done

Focus on engaging your audience and giving them unique experiences. The more you can get them to want to invest in you and your journey, the longer they will follow you, the more attention you will have from them, and the more they will want to ultimately come on that journey with you.