Top 11 best buys at Decathlon Singapore

Decathlon Singapore is a sports enthusiast’s paradise. The wide range of sports gear and equipment for all ages and skill levels you can find at Decathlon is very popular, as the crowds show you clearly every day. We also can’t get enough of its reasonable prices and generous return policy.

If you are strapped for time, the company’s online stores carry virtually the same promos and prices as their physical outlets. There’s even free shipping for many products. We’ve narrowed down the top 11 best buys at Decathlon Singapore, making your shopping experience a breeze.

Best buys in sportswear that doubles as everyday wear

Part of Decathlon’s popularity is the versatility of its range of clothing and accessories. Here are the best buys at Decathlon Singapore to wear even when you’re not playing sports.

1. Men’s Synthetic Short-Sleeved Hiking T-Shirt MH100

Decathlon T shirt MH100
Decathlon T shirt MH100

Why buy?

  • Lightweight – Only 110 g in size L

  • Stretchy: 23% elastane for comfort of movement

  • Quick-dry: Dries quickly when wet with sweat

  • Moisture-wicking: Absorbs humidity away from the body

Buy now for S$6 (U.P. S$13) at Decathlon

2. Artengo Men’s Tennis Shorts Essential – Black

Decathlon Tennis shorts
Decathlon Tennis shorts

Why buy?

  • Moisture wicking – Breathable fabric to keep you dry

  • Deep pockets – Can hold up to 3 tennis balls per pocket

  • Lightweight – Weigh just 140 g for comfort and ease

Buy now for S$7 at Decathlon

3. Quechua Men’s SH100 Waterproof Mid Hiking Boots

Decathlon Boots waterproof SH100
Decathlon Boots waterproof SH100

Why buy?

  • Waterproof – Breathable, waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry

  • Grip – SNOWCONTACT grip technology with material and tread pattern of soles

  • Traction – 4.5 mm studs

  • Fit – Mid-height upper with instep eyelet for easy tightening

Buy now for S$35 (U.P. S$50) at Decathlon

Best buys in fitness equipment

Our list of the best buys at Decathlon Singapore had to include these weight training sets that are currently on discount for huge savings. Get them before they are sold out.

4. Domyos 100 Adjustable Weight Training Squat Rack

Decathlon Rack squat Domyos 100
Decathlon Rack squat Domyos 100

Why buy?

  • Adjustable – 10 height & width adjustments from 29.5” to 47.2”

  • Stable – H-leg (40 mm tube) can be fixed to the floor, and non-slip ends

  • Easy assembly/dismantling – 20-minute assembly

  • Compact –  Perfect for a home gym, the rack stores a bar and weight discs

  • Versatility – Fits bars from 47”

  • Durability – Bar rests with anti-tipping safety hooks

Buy now for S$30 (U.P. S$129) at Decathlon

5. Pump Bar Weight Training Set 44lb

Decathlon Weight training set
Decathlon Weight training set

Why buy?

  • Versatile set – 1 x 5.5 lb (2.5 kg) bar, 28 mm diameter and 51.2” long (in 3 parts); 2 x 2.75 lb (1.25 kg) plates, 28 mm diameter; 2 x 5.5 lb (2.5 kg) plates, 28 mm diameter; 2 x 11 lb (5 kg) plates, 28 mm diameter; 2 smart plate collars

  • Shock protection – Rubber-coated plates

  • Durable – Steel bars and rubber plates with a 5-year warranty

  • Easy to use – Simple collars that do not scrape the bar

Buy now for S$35 (U.P. S$149) at Decathlon

Best buys in water sports gear – swimming, snorkelling, and diving

Some of the best buys at Decathlon Singapore are found in the water sports section. I even used the Nabaiji waterproof pouch for our trip to gorgeous Lang Tengah.

6. Adult Water Shoes 120 – Cardinal pink

Decathlon Water Shoes Subea
Decathlon Water Shoes Subea

Why buy?

  • Grip – 5mm studded soles to prevent slipping

  • Comfortable – 3mm EVA insole

  • Quick drainage – Designed and made with quick-drying materials

  • Easy dressing – Elastic instep makes them easier to put on

Buy now for S$8 (U.P. S$12) at Decathlon

7. Nabaiji Pool Waterproof Pouch 3L

Decathlon Water Bag Nabaji
Decathlon Water Bag Nabaji

Why buy?

  • Waterproof material (Note: does not provide protection when immersed)

  • 3L capacity

Buy now for S$4.40 at Decathlon

8. Swimming Lighty Backpack 

Decathlon Swimming backpack Nabaji
Decathlon Swimming backpack Nabaji
  • Large volume15 L main compartment

  • Multiple compartmentsInside pocket accessible from the back for added security

Buy now for S$15 at Decathlon

Best buys in cold weather gear

Winter clothing can be really expensive in Singapore so our list of the best buys at Decathlon Singapore had to include amazingly affordable cold-weather wear.

9. Forclaz Men’s MT100 Hooded Down Puffer Jacket

Decathlon Jacket MT100
Decathlon Jacket MT100

Why buy?

  • Warmth – Comfortable between -5ºC to 5ºC (23° and 41°F. RDS ethical down with fill power of 800 CUIN

  • Compact – Easily folds away into its left-hand pocket using a zip

  • Water repellent – Surface-treated outer fabric

  • Abrasion resistant – 100% polyamide, 35 g/sqm outer fabric

  • Lightweight – Size L weighs approximately 290g

Buy now for S$30 (U.P. S$50) at Decathlon

Other best buys at Decathlon Singapore

Here are some other accessories that deserve a place on our best buys at Decathlon Singapore list.

10. Weighing Scale

Decathlon Weighing scales
Decathlon Weighing scales

Why buy?

  • Accurate – 100g graduation

  • Versatile – Change between Kilogrammes, pounds and stones

  • Display – Large display for ease of use

Buy now for S$15 (U.P. S$25) at Decathlon

11. Quechua Hiking Backpack 10 L – NH Arpenaz 50

Decathlon Hiking backpack Arpenaz 50
Decathlon Hiking backpack Arpenaz 50

Why buy?

  • Comfortable – Thumb rests and padded back & straps

  • Multi-pocket – Main compartment with double zip and 1 deep outer compartment

  • Large volume: 10L capacity in a 145g  39 x 21 x 12 cm frame

  • Abrasion resistanceDurable components backed by a 10-year warranty

Buy now for S$4 at Decathlon

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