Tony Leung explains how he ended up in NewJeans' MV



11 Sep – Tony Leung has finally revealed how he ended up appearing in South Korean idol group NewJeans' "Cool With You" music video.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who was swarmed by the media as he returned to Hong Kong from Venice recently, explained that he was approached by the owner of NewJeans' record company via a mutual friend.

"I asked to listen to the song, and said that if it meets my three conditions, I will do it," he said.

As to what his conditions were, Tony said that they must shoot the music video where he was at the time rather than have him travel to their location; that they can't determine his style as he will create the character himself; and that he will give them two hours to shoot it.

It is noted that the MV director Shin Woo-Seok previously stated in an interview that Tony imagined and acted his role himself. The actor appeared for several seconds in the MV.

"He did the art direction and character research. He bought the white wig and costume himself," he added.

Asked if he is a fan of of NewJeans, the actor responded, "It's more like they are my fans."

The music video, which was released last month, also stars "Squid Game" actress Jung Hoyeon.


Tony was approached by NewJeans' rep to collaborate in the MV
Tony was approached by NewJeans' rep to collaborate in the MV


(Photo Source: NewJeans IG, Vogue HK)